Get your earthworks done right first time with Sao Contractors who offer a full range of services

 Sao Contractors is a certified drainlaying company based in Wellington that lays new drains and water pipes for both commercial clients and homeowners alongside a range of earthwork services and traffic management options.  

As drainage contractors, we can lay and repair all the drainage and water pipes under and around your home, or commercial premises, but not within it. Most of the drainage work undertaken requires council consent. The majority of our clients already have consent before coming to us. However, if you don’t our Civil Construction Contractors can go through the process with you.  

Sao Contractors is an honest and reliable contractor committed to delivering workmanship of a consistently high standard. Whether you have a drain that needs unblocking, or require a comprehensive drainage solution that involves excavating and concreting, please contact us today to arrange a site visit.

Sao Contractors Digger Hire

Let Sao Contractors make preparation for your subdivision

 All necessary drainage and excavation work in preparation for new subdivisions can be undertaken including site clearing, concreting for crossovers and retaining walls. Our team can also provide traffic management services during the work.  

Traffic Management in Wellington

Traffic management to keep your site safe

Our Site Traffic Management Supervisor can supervise people on roadwork sites including communicating with the public and all workers involved on the site. Our traffic management services can be hired as a stand-alone service or be offered as part of another service.  

Fencing and Retaining Walls in Wellington

Sao Contractors' Civil Contractors also offer other services for small commercial projects and home

  If your project requires something other than drainage, talk to us about our other services which can be quoted as a package with your drainlaying.  

  • Excavation - With our modern digger and tipper truck Sao Contractors can clear a site ready for building. Excavation often is needed alongside other services, however, this can be carried out as a stand-alone service if required.  
  • Timber retaining walls - Sao Contractors typically constructs timber retaining walls in conjunction with excavation work.  
  • Concreting - Sao Contractors can lay public and private pathways; new driveways; steps; patios and crossovers. Coloured concrete is not an option. Only standard and exposed aggregate concrete is offered

It is easy to work with our Civil Contractors

 Our Civil Construction Contractors are easy to work with. Simply schedule a site visit with us and we'll come out to have a look. When evaluating your site, we’ll let you know what needs doing and how much it will cost. All digging and repair work is included in our quote, so there are no additional or surprise costs. You are under no obligation to accept our quote.  

If you would like to proceed, and you are happy with our quote, then work can commence. Once the work is finished, your site will be reinstated back to its original state or better.  Our hardworking team looks forward to working with you. To arrange a site visit, please contact Sao Contractors today.